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How does 3 Way Faucet Working?

How does the 3 way faucet working?

Comparing to normal faucets, the 3 way faucet is equipped with two separate internal channel, the main chanel is still used as usual for mixer faucet water which is kept the desired temperature via a ceramic mixer valve in the faucet, there is warm and cold water connection, in the second channel, on the other handle, the filter water flow, this is connected directly to OS and therefore the two channel's water do not contact for each other, the three way faucet with two separate levers for pured water and mixer water. and the three way faucets is connected via two flexible hose and pured water hose or quickly adapter.the two flexible hoses (normally blue and red marked ) conected to hot and cold water , the pured water hose or quickly adapter is connected to the osmosis system. The faucet can replace your older faucet by its hole, it is easy to replace and conviently for working.

The DOGO modern 3 way faucet, high curved and classic design, in cnnection with osmosis water system , is a perfect solution for your kictchen water, the faucet is made from chrome-plated brass and is anti -rust and pollution free. the water was controlled by two lever when flow through faucet, the small lever is used for filter water  which connected to OS water system by purified water hose. with which you can tap on or off freshly fitered osmosis water from RO water system at any time.

And the other lever is used for cold and hot water mixer valve which can be closed and mixed directly. a high-quality joint bearing  ensures optimal resistandce and targetd handling.

Due to the separeted lines design, it is also possible to obtain both type water at the same time. it is an elegant and practical addition to any osmosis system , especially for larger households and open-plan kicthens .