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What is three way faucet ?

What is three way faucet ?

Normally, the traditional faucet is 1 way or 2 way function faucet and mixer faucet , what is it 1 way faucet, it just dispense cold or hot water, 2 way faucet it can dispense cold and hot water in individually channel, and mixed faucet, it is controlled by a mixer cartridge valve, it is not only dispense cold and hot water in individual channel , but also dispense a mixer water (warming water ).
But now, as living standard improve, reverse osmosis water system go into most home, the traditional design faucet can not give a good solution for water dispenser. if you used traditional faucet, you have to fix a extra single way filtered water tap on other side of your sink. maybe your sink or counter top did not have extra hole. And extra tap should be waste space and inconvenient for working.
So engineers looking for a solution to solve this problem, abosolutely, 3 way faucet design is a best solution for this problem, Comparing to normal faucets, the 3 way faucet is equipped with two separate internal channel , the main channel is still used as usual for mixer faucet water which is kept the desired  temperature via a ceramic mixer valve in the faucet, there is warm and cold water connection, in the second channel, on the other handle, the filter water flow, this is connected directly to OS and therefore the two channel's water do not contact for each other, the three way faucet with two separate levers for pured water and mixer water. and the three way faucets is connected via two flexible hose and pured water hose or quickly adapter.the two flexible hoses (normally blue and red marked ) conected to hot and cold water , the pured water hose or quickly adapter is connected to the osmosis system. The faucet can replace your older faucet by its hole, it is easy to replace and conviently for working