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How to install DOGO 3 Way Faucet for RO Water System

Usually, you should check the sink hole size before installing 3 way kitchen faucet on it, normally the hole size is dia. 30~35mm for kitchen faucet ,  and prepare some tooling such as wrench and screw driver which will use for installing. and checking the three way faucet accessories, especially cold and hot hoses, some times not included, if that you should buy it from market, please be notice the different color for hot and cold hose, normally, the hot water hose is red, and the cold water hose is marked in blue. and please be careful of 3 way faucet (triflow tap) base O-ring, normally it is packed in accessories box.

Then checking the locking parts type, DOGO 3 Way faucet have 2 type locking part, locking bolt sets and locking screw tube sets, the locking bolt set should included a filter water hose , but locking screw tube set have not, because the locking screw tube connect to RO machine pipe with a metal adapter. and do not miss

First step: fixed the locking bolt on three way faucet (this step is different from Franke 3 way tap, Grohe three way faucet and Brita torian 3 way tap, these brand three way faucet are fixed by locking screw tube)

2th step: Suggest fixed one hose and filter water pipe to three way faucet bottom correct hole, before installing 3 way kitchen faucet on the sink, maybe you ask why are not 3 hoses, because 3 pcs hoses can not through the sink hole and locking nut. then fixed the locking bolt to faucet body base.

3th step: Installing 3 way faucet with locking bolt to sink, then fixed the kitchen faucet by locking nut , please be notice first rubber washer then metal and locking nut.

4th step: fixed the leave hose to kitchen faucet

5th step: connected hot and cold hose to correct angle valve , please be notice the hose color , the red color hose connect to hot water and the blue color hose connect to cold water. then connect filter water hose to RO Water system, then tighten the hoses by wrench.

6th step, open the supply water angle valve and RO Water system, checking whether leaking water, if no problem, just tighten the 3 way faucet locking nut screw to fix it stable